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Developing Ideas in Technology

We are Emergento,
the ideal technological partner
for developing advanced
e-commerce solutions.

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We create high-efficiency IT solutions for the modern online business, using Magento and other powerful tools. If your business develops through the world wide web, we are what you are looking for.

IT Consulting & Problem Solving

We offer a complete service of technical consultancy to identify critical issues and potentialities in e-commerce projects. Thanks to accurate planning, we can choose the best technologies to achieve economic and technological goals of your project. Indeed, a good analysis reduces problems and ensures efficient and happy developments.

Custom Software Development

We are specialized in IT solutions for e-commerce. If your business develops through the web, you are in the right place! Our team of experts can develop custom e-commerce solutions, supplementing functionalities and technologies that you need. We create innovative IT solutions able to adapt to your business, increasing its performance and efficiency.

Startup Partnership

The solution for Start-Up projects that are looking for a technological partner. We can design and build web application, which transforms your business idea into a technological product able to accomplish specific goals. We offer complete solutions ranging from the conception and design to the achievement of the monetization objectives of the project itself.

Hosting solutions for Magento

Our optimized Hosting offer for Magento was created to fit the needs of each store. We created a Hosting configuration that allows a remarkable increase in the performance of Magento stores. Visit Brick-Hosting to find out how to make your e-commerce working best..

Payment systems for Magento

Thinking about the needs of Magento stores, we developed payment modules for the major Italian virtual POSs. We implemented many essential features for an online shop. If you are looking for Magento payment forms, check for Emergento Gateways.



We work on Magento
from its birth



Magento, Wordpress &
HTMl5 Web Apps



website using
our software



Choosed to buy
our services

In order to understand what our job is about and what our contribution to your project can be, we want to tell some of those projects that concern us more and that represent us better.

  • Our partnership with the Italian giant of fine-food

    since 2015 we have been working with Eataly’s digital department to implement new solutions on their online websites. We have implemented a payment system through "gift cards". Thanks to this system, you can make a purchase on their sites by entering a numeric code that is associated with a card, which in turn can be recharged and managed as a prepaid card.

  • We are an important technical resource
    for many IT and Communication Companies

    For several years we have been working as an external technical resource with many Communication Agencies, Web Agencies, and Italian Software Houses. Through these networks, we have offered and we still offer technical advice in IT projects for major national and international brands. We are probably the ideal technical partner for the development of advanced e-commerce solutions and we are committed to respecting the confidence given by the companies we work with every day.

  • Emergento Gateways and the success
    of the most appreciated Magento payment methods ever

    In 2009, we were certain of the vertiginous development that e-commerce would have. In particular, the success of Magento platform, which, in those years, was beginning to make its way to the world. Intuition led us to develop Payment Modules for the largest Italian Virtual POSs. Currently, Emergento Gateways is a consolidated reality and our Magento payment modules are used in hundreds of e-commerce by internationally renowned brands.

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Since 2009, we have been working in the e-commerce industry. We grew up while technology was exploding, business was evolving into a digital way, and the world wide web was becoming ever more widespread and present in everyday life.

Our aptitude for innovation drives us to seek new technological solutions
and to use more and more nimble and powerful tools

Our approach to face every IT project leads us to a careful and exhaustive planning. An efficient analysis allows us to create a clear and fluid workflow that tends to identify forthwith potentialities and problems of the project we are facing. This allows us to choose meticulously the most appropriate technologies and key figures that will come into play to achieve the goals. We have the most advanced IT planning technology and a team of experts trained to use evolving tools daily. We follow those design standards shared around the world and we love sharing knowledge and resources with our associates. We believe in evolution through collaboration and sharing. We are constantly moving, always listening to new ideas and ready for new challenges.

Being a network allows us to
create the best team for each challenge

We are a network of computer and web professionals that share expertise and technical skills. We are developers, IT consultants, strategist and system analysts, but also web designers and experts in web marketing and communication. We are a team of professionals with heterogeneous technical skills, combined with a great passion for our job.

These are some of the brands that choose us every day, using our services and software for their e-commerce websites.

Let’s keep in touch! Tell us what we can do together or how we can help you. We are always listening to new ideas and ready for new challenges.

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